24h Vehicle Recovery

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24h Vehicle Recovery – Towing   Services

You put yourself through a lot of trouble if you don’t have a back up for any sort of emergency that you might come across while traveling on the road. One of the best ways to deal with such emergencies to seek assistance from a car towing company.

InCars Cyprus is an independent car towing company in Cyprus that provides the best 24H vehicle recovery services in every corner of the island. We offer these services at the most competitive rates that you won’t get from anyone else. We have the fastest response across Cyprus combined with a highly skilled and efficient team of drivers.

At InCars Cyprus, we offer the best form of assistance that you need when you stuck in the middle of nowhere. along with Cars, we also provide RECOVERY SERVICES FOR RACING BIKES OR CARS ( Rally or drift at festivals). We have our own vehicle recovery vehicles and best-updated equipment that help us execute our towing services effectively both locally as well as anywhere in Cyprus. We also cooperate with the local rescue recovery vendors.

Here is what InCars 24H vehicle recovery services offer:

Recovery or Transport  Nicosia | Limassol | Larnaca | Paphos | Famagusta

If your car has involved in an accident or any other issue which makes it undrivable or just transfer to another city,  InCars Cyprus 24H roadside assistance services will bring you back on the road in the shortest time, take the vehicle to our garage or any other of your choice. ( In Whole Island )

We offer probably the lowest rate for long distances in Cyprus. Call us for prices. 77-77-77-47

Nicosia ↔ Larnaca, Nicosia ↔ Limassol, Nicosia ↔ Paphos, Nicosia ↔ Famagusta

Limassol ↔ Larnaca, Limassol ↔ Paphos, Limassol ↔ Famagusta, 

Larnaca ↔ Paphos, Larnaca ↔ Famagusta

Call us for prices 77-77-77-47


If you have been locked out of your car, just give us a call and we will reach the location as soon as possible. However, before unlocking the car, we need to ensure that the car is yours. No matter which brand or model your car is, we can provide unlocking assistance for all car models. ( At the moment Only Limassol & Famagusta area )

Battery Failure

The latest car models have automated systems and they use a fully functional battery to function. If your battery dies or fails to ignite, we will be there with a full equipment kit. We will try to fix the battery problem or place a new battery if needed. ( At the moment Only Limassol & Famagusta area )

Multiple Punctures

keeping a spare tire along is always a good idea. However, if there are multiple punctures,  you will need towing service and InCars Cyprus is always here to help you. ( At the moment Only Limassol & Famagusta area – Mobile Tire Changer is available )