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Need car service or repair? Our efficient mobile mechanics are just a click away. Our expert car mechanics will drive to your door and take away the hassle and inconvenience of picking up and driving off your car. Give InCars a shot for fastest & hassle-free services!

We Buy Salvage Cars for Cash - Easy & Fast!

Got a wrecked, junked, or salvaged car? We buy it all. Sell your salvaged vehicle and get an attractive offer from InCars. We buy all makes and models and offer competitive prices like no one else. Don’t wait for another moment. Turn your car into cash now!



If you need a car in Cyprus, stop looking! InCarsCyprus has the largest selection of new and pre-owned vehicles on the island. Every year we order hundreds of vehicles from our network of dealers, and this volume allows us to receive substantial discounts that we’re able to pass on to our customers. Our wholesale buying gives us the most competitive prices on the island, so we definitely have something for your budget! You can also shop from home, so get online or come on in and see what’s new at!


It’s never difficult to find a quality vehicle on the island when InCars always has a large inventory of over 2000 of high-quality vehicles from the most popular automakers across Europe. We make sure that we only import high-quality, ready-to-enjoy vehicles so you can buy worry-free every time. Each vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee safety and value. Come see what we have or visit our online dealership at!


From the moment you step on the lot until years after you drive away in your new vehicle, you’ll be the very best customer service that InCarsCyprus has to offer. While other dealerships on the island come and go, we’re here to stay and we’re ready to do whatever you need for your next vehicle and every vehicle after that. You can stop by our dealership or do all your shopping online, and our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions to help you find a vehicle that you’ll love.


Shop with confidence when you buy a vehicle from InCarsCyprus. Every single vehicle we sell is backed exclusively by our own 2-year warranty. We only import high-quality, nearly new cars from Europe that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Each vehicle is inspected to make sure you’re getting 100% of the value you pay for. After you leave, we stand behind your purchase for 2 years with skilled technicians to help keep you on the road. Other dealerships might disappear, but InCarsCyprus is always here when you need us.


At InCars Cyprus Automobiles, we check dozens of used cars daily with the strictest market rules. The best of them (only 1 in 20) are posted on our site with detailed photos and videos. You choose the car you want, we bring it for a test drive where it suits you, you receive it with a guarantee of up to 2 years!

Cars for sale all over Cyprus

Looking for used cars in Cyprus?  Wish to own outclass affordable cars? InCars Cyprus Automobiles is what you need! We are the renowned automobile trading company that imports the best used cars from the UK. We are one of the leading and most reputable automobile companies in Cyprus that provides the best first-class single-master pre-owned cars for sale in Nicosia, Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, and Famagusta. InCars Cyprus Automobiles offer exclusivity like no other automobile dealer in Cyprus.

Order Online and receive your dream car at your doorstep in any city in Cyprus. Easy – Simple – Safe

All the cars are passed through safety measures and inspected thoroughly to ensure that the user experience remains above the bar!

Our used cars at Bazaraki Cyprus – #1 Bazaraki cars

Find your next low mileage used cars for sales in Bazaraki. InCars Cyprus has placed its exclusive used car stock at Bazaraki ( the biggest directory in the country ) and you can check our large selection of versatile used cars for sale at Bazaraki. We strive to provide our clients with the best car models at the lowest possible prices.

The best car dealer to buy used Cars in Cyprus

Looking to buy cars in Cyprus from a reliable vendor? is the best and most trusted car dealer in Cyprus. We sell affordable and TOP quality used cars for sale in Cyprus. Be it Honda, Mercedes Cyprus, Nissan Cyprus, Mazda, Toyota Cyprus, or any other prestigious brand, we will find it for you at the best affordable prices. We ensure our clients to sit in flawless, high-quality used cars in Cyprus.

InCars Cyprus Automobiles ensures the car has the finest appearance, low mileage, clear HPI, and best service history. At, you will never be fixed up with a car that goes against your style. You will get the best in price and best in quality used cars for sales in Cyprus from the owners.

The leading used cars importer in Cyprus

Let provide you the best-used cars for sale in Cyprus. We house a great range of outclassing car models of all brands. We have strong relationships with the best automobile vendors in the UK market and import only legally authentic and finest quality Used cars in Cyprus. We have a strong base of customers who make repetitive purchases from us due to our high-standard and trusted services.

Buying the finest quality of used cars in Cyprus

When buying used cars, the biggest concern remains the transparency of the quality of the car. Many dealers engage in malpractices and alternate car history to make a sale. However, with InCars, you can have your mind at peace. We only import the best quality used cars in Cyprus. From front to back, we take responsibility for each corner of the car!

InCarsCyprus – A Name of Commitment

Even though InCars is a newly founded company, it has earned a good repute and name for providing best in class and guaranteed Used Cars in Cyprus! Get in touch with us and find your dream car today!


How our mobile mechanic team can help?

We come to you. Personal vehicle ensures safety to arrive at any place without stress. Usually, vehicles get damaged either due to ineffective protective mechanisms or careless activities. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic, there are essential requirements for keeping your cars in top quality. As in pandemic, public transport is risky compared to a personal…

Taxes/Duties Importing goods/cars from the UK to Cyprus after Brexit 01/01/2021

Ultimate Guide for Buying A Used Car.

Do you wish to buy a used car? Then you will need to pay attention to few important factors. To make sure that you do not miss anything, we thought of creating a checklist. You can adhere to this checklist and proceed with your purchase. Where to buy used cars in Cyprus? Buying from a…

Welcome to incars Cyprus

Welcome to incars cyprus car!

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